Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Orb Terrarium

This summer my mom helped me tackle the assembly of an orb terrarium. It was really pretty with layered orange and white sand at the bottom that almost looked liked stripes. One of the succulents inside was wiry and thin, the other resembled a miniature saguaro with an orangish-red flower on top. There was also a super small air plant tucked inside. To compliment the succulents, I threw in a decorative orange paper flower as well. It hung in the corner of an alcove surrounded by windows in our family room. It added the perfect amount of color and greenery to that corner of the house. Unfortunately, I only enjoyed it for a couple of days because the string it was hung on snapped and it smashed on the wood floor. Very sad. Since then, I've looked at the empty space where it was hung and longed to put up another one. These lovelies are giving me motivation to kick start another orb making project. 

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